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Can-Fan 10″ HO Fan and Carbon Filter 100 Combo



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Can-Fan 10″ HO Fan and Carbon Filter 100 Combo

Can-Fan 10″ HO

Can-Fan brings its innovation to market and sets a new standard for performance. The outstanding performance of its fans sets it apart from the competition.

Can Fans come in a heavy duty metal, powder coated housing and include a grounded power cord.

Compact, quiet, easy installation, certified to CSA. These fans are an unbeatable value. Save even more when you purchase one of our Can Combos.

Rated for continuous operation, Can Fans can be used in commercial or residential applications. Our fans are paired with Can-Filters to give True CFM

10″ HO 2760 283 2.36 10″


Carbon Filter 100

Can-Filters has been manufacturing carbon air filters for the last 15 years. With time comes experience and professionalism. This has enabled us to manufacture a high quality, no maintenance, carbon air filter with a tested and true 99.5% odor removing capability and a suggested life span of 18-24 months.

The Carbon

All carbons are not the same. Can-Filters uses a custom specified Virgin Activated Coal Based Carbon, (CKV4) to insure longest possible life in most applications. Whether for Commercial, Industrial, or Residential use you can be sure that the proper carbon type, carbon weight, and bed width has been chosen to give full odor removal.

The Filter

Can-Filters activated carbon filters are a packed bed design to give consistent performance, long life, maintenance free. Packed bed design prevents the forming of preferential channels which can allow untreated air through the system. The design of Can-Filters gives you a large surface area for lower pressure drops, typically 180pa (.75wp) at max cfm with pre-filter. A bed depth, that allows for full 0.1 second contact time at max cfm, for complete odor removal

Max cfm: 840CFM/1680CFM

A Flange 10″ is sold saparated.