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Black White Film Poly 10′ x 50′



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Black White Film is black on one side and a 90% reflective white on the other side allowing light to be reflected back to your plants where it belongs. Black White Film is an inexpensive reflective material for grow room walls or green house barriers or floors. Use Black White Film to reflect light and also prevent mold and algae growth on walls. Black White Film can provide a light proof barrier for partitioning rooms, covering hydroponic grow media, making reservoir covers, or a variety of other gardening uses. 10 ft. wide, 50 ft. long and 5.5 mil thick.
• Light proof and 90% reflective
• Water tight for vapor barriers
• 5.5 mil thick assures great durability
• 10 ft. wide
• Helps prevent molds and algae growth
• 50 ft. in length