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Advanced Nutrients Tarantula Powder 50g



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Tarantula from Advanced Nutrients is a new break through product for soil and hydroponic growing mediums. Tarantula is a bacterial blend of 57 microorganisms, with 1.4 billion Colony Forming Units per gram.

This gives Advanced Nutrients Tarantula the highest concentration of microorganisms for any plant growth product in the world. This rich blend of microorganisms contains Bacillus, Streptomycetes Actinomycetes, and Psuedomonas for massive plant growth.

This mixture of diverse and extremely rich microorganisms forms a symbiotic relationship between the plants root zone in the rhizsosphere. This produces extremely healthy, strong plants and superior root systems making the plants able to sustain many different types of stresses produced by the variables of nature.

Tarantula has been thoroughly developed and field tested for over 3 years and during those field trials, Tarantula provided exceptional growth of test plants through both the vegetative and flowering phases. Root mass was even further increased in field trials when Tarantula was used along with Piranha, the plots that had both Tarantula and Piranha saw an increase of 25% more growth than with Piranha alone. Tarantula also releases through microbial action very powerful cytokinins that aid the plant in greater lateral branching and producing more budding sites along with greater girth and weight.