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Liaflor Hydroculture is a pure and high-quality natural product manufactured by Liapor. The reddish-brown ceramic and purely mineral clay granulate is manufactured in an environmentally friendly process and does not pollute the environment when disposed of. The clay is expanded whilst it is fired at 1200 °C in a rotary kiln and then screened out. This makes it a unique quality product with optimum properties and specific benefits, such as its low weight, high water retention and durability as well as its good root grip. The terracotta-coloured spheres also convey a modern ambience and Mediterranean flair.


Liaflor loosens heavy soils, thus supporting plant growth. Plant roots establish themselves quickly – a particular advantage with new or repotted plants. The pore structure of Liaflor also guarantees plants an optimum supply of water and added nutrients as well as adequate aeration.


Liaflor is germ-free and biologically neutral, thereby removing the basis for the growth of mould spores and preventing putrefaction and pest infestation. This way, Liaflor supports lush plant growth and your green thumb.

Liaflor spheres are very dimensionally stable, load-bearing and yet cannot be compressed – even in wet conditions – thanks to the burning process with high temperature. Liaflor is also non-combustible and withstands frost without any problems.

The expanded clay spheres are 100 % chemically neutral. They do not contain any fibres or solvents, are free of germs and putrid substances. The clay pellets are also completely odourless and environmentally friendly, thus minimising mould formation and pest infestation. You can mix Liaflor spheres with all known substrates and commercially available soils and use them in all common planting systems.


The expansion of the clay during firing creates fine pores of air inside the Liaflor granulate. This means that Liaflor is lighter than lava, gravel or similar materials, for example, and is easy to handle. There is no need to drag around heavy sacks of soil or plant tubs any more. Plant care becomes enjoyable.

 Benefits of Liaflor Hydroculture:

  • Targeted watering thanks to an integrated water gauge
  • Clean and odourless
  • No opportunity for soil-borne pests
  • Ideal plant growth
  • Simple and easy maintenance
  • Convenient and efficient fertilisation
  • 15-25 mm for the planting of larger plant pots (above a diameter of approx. 25 cm) 


FOR HYDROPONIC: The enormous water retention capacity of Liaflor makes it ideal for easy-care hydroponics. Regular repotting of plants when seasons change or a pot gets too small is easy with Liaflor.

Creating hydroponics with Liaflor:
Thoroughly rinse and water Liaflor before it is used for the first time. Then half-fill the pot with Liaflor. Insert the plant and spread the roots evenly in the clay granulate.Please note: There should be no soil residue on the plant roots for pure hydroponics – preferably only use hydro plants or young plants. After inserting the plant, fill up the pot with Liaflor and place it into a cachepot. Frequent watering is no longer required. The plant’s water requirements can be monitored using the water gauge after initial watering (to fill level 1).

As drainage: Liaflor increases water retention in plant pots or outdoor areas through its many pores. As a drainage layer in plant pots, Liaflor absorbs excess moisture, stores it and returns it to the plant as needed. This guarantees sufficient aeration and minimises water logging or mould formation. For optimum water retention, first place Liaflor into the planter, cover it with a separating fleece and fill up the pot with soil when inserting the plant.

Against dehydration: A cover layer of Liaflor can be used in plant pots in addition to a drainage layer to protect against dehydration. This means that humidity is stored even better in plant pots and in the soil. At the same time, the terracotta-coloured spheres bring a Mediterranean flair into your home and convey a modern design. Fill Liaflor into the pot as a bottom layer and cover layer for optimum protection against dehydration.

Mixed with soil: Liaflor guarantees an ideal ground structure when combined with soil. The potting soil is loosened and adequately aerated. It supports the gas exchange and allows more nutrients and humidity to be stored. Mix Liaflor and soil in about equal parts in a pot for flowering patio and balcony plants.

Semi-hydroponics: Use Liaflor on its own! Its high water retention capacity and low weight make Liaflor particularly practical for creating semi-hydroponics. Liaflor is suitable for most balcony and patio planting. For semi-hydroponics, fill the planter completely with Liaflor, add the plant with soil clod and water well.