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Destiny Ignition B™ 1L

Destiny Ignition B™ 1L
Brand: Destiny
Product Code: Destiny Ignition B™ 1L
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Destiny Ignition B™ 1L

Flower Stage

Our unique Ignition™ tea blend mixes provide valuable macronutrients, micronutrients, trace elements and amino acids, which benefit the microbiology of the soil and further boost the overall soil health and plant vitality. These blends increase resistance to disease and pest infestation while optimizing and accelerating growth during the flower stage.

The spark of something special.

Destiny’s Ignition™ nutrient tea blend is a great source of macro and micronutrients, amino acids, and carbohydrates, perfectly balanced to give plants a boost during the flowering stage. We also offer our Honey-Pot tea bag which provides a simple and effective tool for the tea brewing process.

Throw your plants a tea party

Compost and nutrient teas are a great way to extract valuable plant food and build up beneficial microorganisms in the soil. The organic farming community has long praised the benefits of compost tea, and Destiny founder Jamie Morrison was an early proponent of applying these techniques to cannabis cultivation.

The key to the brewing process is aeration. Keeping water aerated encourages the proliferation of aerobic (oxygen loving) microorganisms and prevents the growth of smelly and potentially harmful anaerobic bacteria. There are many equipment options available for brewing tea, from purpose-built brewers to DIY setups and simple aquarium bubblers. The most common technique for applying tea is to use it as a soil drench in place of regular watering. Some growers also apply it as a foliar spray to encourage beneficial microorganisms to colonize the plant itself as part of their integrated pest management strategy.