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Destiny G-Force™ 300g

Destiny G-Force™ 300g
Brand: Destiny
Product Code: Destiny G-Force™ 300g
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Destiny G-Force™ 300g

Derived from 100% North Atlantic Kelp, the finest agricultural grade seaweed, G-Force™ delivers over 60 trace elements, bountiful natural growth hormones and other natural growth stimulants. Benefits plants under any form of stress and promotes rapid growth during the vegetative stage.

Your Secret Weapon.

G-Force™ is Destiny’s premium 100% water soluble seaweed product. Derived from pure North Atlantic Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed, G-Force™ is our secret weapon that provides plants with dozens of nutrients, growth hormones, and an extra kick of potassium.

Why Foliar Feed?

Foliar feeding is a method by which nutrients are applied directly to plant foliage in the form of a spray or mist. This allows for nearly immediate uptake into plant tissues and organs through the stomata and epidermis. G-Force™ promotes health and vitality and helps the plant develop greater resistance to stress. It also contains growth hormones that encourage big, healthy leaves and buds. A weekly foliar feeding program is a valuable addition to any growing system.