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Destiny Amplify™ 750ml

Destiny Amplify™ 750ml
Brand: Destiny
Product Code: Destiny Amplify™ 750ml
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Destiny Amplify™ 750ml

Water Conditioner

Amplify™ is our water conditioner that is used continuously throughout the growing cycle to bring the pH of the water down to the sweet spot of 6.2-6.4, and ideal environment for the soil’s microbial life to flourish and do their work. Using Amplify with the Destiny Grow System® will ensure that all of its components will function in a balanced symbiosis.

Water Conditioner.

Amplify is a hydrolysed liquid fish fertilizer and water conditioner of the highest quality which is used as the primary method of lowering the pH of water for the Destiny Grow System. It is also an excellent organic fertilizer providing water soluble nutrients directly to the rhizosphere (the region of soil near the plant’s roots).

Emulsion vs. Hydrolysate

Fish emulsion products have been popular for some time as they provide a convenient and easy-to-use organic acceptable liquid fertilizer option. Emulsions are manufactured through a process that uses high temperatures to cook down fish by-products into a homogenous liquid or slurry. Unfortunately, this high heat results in the breakdown and destruction of many beneficial organic molecules. Furthermore, many fish emulsion manufacturing processes are designed to remove some of the proteins, oils, and other nutrients which are then sold separately in other forms. It is therefore no surprise that fish emulsion fertilizers are often sorely lacking in many important components.

In contrast, the hydrolyzation process used in the manufacture of AmplifyTM does not involve rendering or cooking at high temperatures. Instead, the fish matter is ground up in water to allow natural enzymes to denature proteins and fats into less complex forms. This gentle process prevents the loss of volatile oils and the destruction of vitamins and amino acids. Most importantly, it preserves essential food for fungi and bacteria, encouraging a healthy soil ecosystem. When you open a bottle of Destiny’s Amplify™, you see valuable lipids and oils floating on the surface, waiting to deliver huge benefits to your plants and the living soil system.