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Destiny Dark Matter™ 40L / 1.5 CF

Destiny Dark Matter™ 40L / 1.5 CF
Product Code: Destiny Dark Matter™ 40L / 1.5 CF
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Dark Matter 40L / 1.5 CF

The core component of the Destiny system is Dark Matter™, our pre-fertilized super soil. With more than twenty premium natural ingredients, this specialized soil media has been designed to ensure a healthy balance of nutrients which maximize the function of the Soil Food Web. This active community of bacteria, fungi and other soil microbes converts typically unavailable nutrients and trace elements into plant-absorbable forms, allowing the plant to take them up as required. This leads to healthier, more disease and pest-resistant plants, with nutrients available when the plant needs them.

Enhancing Nature Through Science.

The heart and soul of the Destiny Grow system is our pre-fertilized super soil, Dark Matter™. This totally natural living soil is fully compliant with Canadian Organic regulations and harnesses the power of nature’s complex symbiotic relationships to deliver the perfect growing medium for your plants.