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SolarMax 400 Watt Super High Pressure Sodium Bulb

SolarMax 400 Watt Super High Pressure Sodium Bulb
Brand: Solarmax
Product Code: SolarMax 400 Watt Super HPS Bulb
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SolarMax 400 Watt Super High Pressure Sodium Bulb

The SolarMax 400 Watt Super high pressure sodium lamps are designed with the grower in mind. As plants approach maturity they require less "Blue Light" and depend more upon radiation from the "Red" portion of the spectrum between 610 nm - 720 nm. The SolarMax Super HPS bulbs have been engineered to constantly deliver 10% more targeted "Red Light" energy to the maturing plant to promote aggressive flowering.

  • Extensive bulb life (24,000+ hours)
  • Extend the growing season to 365 days
  • Promotes intense growth during flowering stages
  • Produces better tasting, and more succulent fruits and vegetables

These power-saving super HPS bulbs will surely please you with their groundbreaking performance and durability. They provide 55,000 lumens to your grow room and with help from the right grow light reflector, you can be sure to have a very successful yield.

High Pressure Sodium Bulb Features:

  • Brand: SolarMax
  • Model: Super HPS 400
  • Wattage: 400 Watts
  • Lumens: 55,000
  • Base: Mogul E39
  • Ballast: S51 400W HPS
  • Shape: T-15
  • Burning Position: Universal
  • Life (hours): 24,000+